Guide to Onboard Your Network Producers Using The Common Profile

Use Case Example: Hylo

The Common Profile Question Set is an efficient, transparent, and flexible way to enroll farmers and ranchers in your programs. This enables entry to the Ag Data Wallet, which ensures data is accessible and comparable across services in the OpenTEAM ecosystem without compromising data security and control for land stewards. Follow the steps below to build your enrollment form in SurveyStack and connect your producers to Hylo, a social coordination platform for producers to connect with each other.

The way to create a farm on Hylo is to complete the common profile question set survey on SurveyStack. You can set up specific surveys for your producer networks and assist producers in filling out the survey.

For additional support in using the Common Profile to enroll producers in Hylo, please reach out to to get started with this process. For general questions, support, and information, please contact

1. Integrating Hylo and SurveyStack

The first step is to create an admin account on Surveystack. As an admin, one can create a Group on SurveyStack that represents your network of producers.

Then you will be able to integrate your group on SurveyStack with a group on Hylo. Anyone that fills out your onboarding survey will have their farm automatically created on Hylo, nested under this producer network.

Once you create your Group in SurveyStack, you will automatically create an account for yourself on Hylo (if you don’t already have an account). You will receive this email in your inbox:

Finding or Creating your SurveyStack Group

  1. Create the Parent Group in SurveyStack. This Parent Group represents your network.

    • Click on the Menu Icon in the upper left corner → Groups → New

    • Enter your Group name and click Create

      If your Group/Network has already been created in SurveyStack, you can find it by clicking on the Avatar Icon in the upper right corner and selecting the desired group.

Connect your SurveyStack Group to your Parent Group on Hylo

You need to be an admin of your group on SurveyStack to link it to a Hylo Group. You have two options here.

  1. Find your Group/Network in SurveyStack
  2. Click on Admin

  3. Navigate to Integrations → Hylo → Integrate With Hylo

    If you have not already created the parent Group in Hylo, you can do so directly in SurveyStack by clicking Integrate With New Group on Hylo. This will automatically create the Group on Hylo with the same name as the Group in SurveyStack and associate it with your email.

    If you have already created the Group in Hylo, you can associate the Group/Network in SurveyStack by utilizing the “slug”

    • Navigate to your Group on Hylo
    • Click on the Stream

    In the URL, copy the text AFTER

    In this example, the text you would copy into SurveyStack is “farm-network-test”

    Enter that text in SurveyStack where it displays Link to your Hylo Group. Click on Integrate with [Farm Network Test] on Hylo

2. Create your Survey in SurveyStack

It’s easy to create an onboarding survey for your network in SurveyStack by adding Question Sets from the Question Set Library.

  1. Click on the Menu Icon in the upper left corner → Builder
  2. Name your Survey. This could be the name of your producer network followed by “Survey”
  3. Click Save

  4. Click the blue plus icon below → Search Question Library

    Search for the following question sets.

    • “Hylo Onboarding”

      A handful of additional questions to make sure the farm operation displays correctly on Hylo, and that the producer understands and can consent to their farm page being created on Hylo.

    Once you find the question set, click the green button that says Add to Survey

    Next add the “Common Profile” Question Set

    This set was developed by a multi-stakeholder alliance of OpenTEAM partners that includes all the information relevant to most producer networks.

    If desired, you can add additional questions to the survey that are specific to your network, and you will be able to view producers’ answers to them in SurveyStack under the survey results.

  5. Once you’ve added both the Hylo Onboarding and Common Profile question sets, click Save.

  6. Edit the Welcome Message by clicking on the box that says “Welcome to Hylo”

  7. Scroll to the right to edit the Label and scroll down to edit the text. Replace [Your Network] with the name of your producer network.

    This is the first thing producers will see when they begin the survey, so it is a great opportunity for you to set context for your producers and include relevant information unique to your network.

  8. Edit the question set as necessary, and feel free to hide questions in the “Common Profile” that aren’t relevant to your network. You can update permissions for each question here as well.

    Please do not edit the Hylo question set. These are necessary to create the Farm Profiles on Hylo

    If you are not using FarmOS, you can hide question 3.1.1 “Select your farm” which is specific to FarmOS Integration.

  9. If you have created a custom question set, you can add it by clicking on the blue “plus” sign, after the Common Profile questions.

  10. Once your survey is complete, click Publish. You are now ready to receive submissions!

Pin the Survey to your Group

  1. Navigate to your Group
  2. Under Pinned Surveys, Click New and search for the Survey created

    This survey will now be easily accessible in your Group view.

3. Inviting Producers to the Survey

Once the survey is ready, it’s time to invite producers to fill it out. First, producers need to be added as Members to your group in SurveyStack. Then you can send them an email invitation to join your group and then an invite to complete the survey.

Add Producers to your Group in SurveyStack

This is how Fellows can invite producers in their network to SurveyStack to take a survey and have their farm created in Hylo.

  1. Navigate to your Group on SurveyStack and click Admin in the upper right corner
  2. Scroll down to Members and click New
  3. Determine their Role (User or Admin) and enter their Email and Name (most producers you invite will be a “User”)
  4. You can chose to send an Invitation Email or send it later

    Note: Members will have to accept their invite prior to completing a Survey. In the future, members can complete a Survey without having to accept an invite.

Send Survey to Producers

  1. Navigate to your Group and click on Admin
  2. Click Call for Submissions in the upper right corner of the Admin console
  3. Click Select Survey and search for the relevant survey
  4. Edit the message (NOTE: Please do not edit the ‘Magic Link’)

  5. Scroll down to select the members who you’d like to send the Survey to. This ties this particular survey to a specific member.

  6. Click Send

After the producer clicks the link and completes the survey (or a Fellow completes it on their behalf), they will have an individual account created on Hylo and the farm (group) will be created on Hylo. The producer will receive an invite to log in and check it out!

The producer’s farm Group will automatically be added to the network group created by the Fellow.

4. Changing Hylo Farm Profile Data/Editing a Survey Submission

Producers may want to update their farm information on Hylo at some point. For the time being, any data we’re pulling in from SurveyStack needs to be edited on SurveyStack. Once the original, individual survey submission is edited, the new information will be pushed to Hylo and updated.

  1. Navigate to your Group on SurveyStack
  2. Scroll down to Pinned Surveys and click on the desired Survey
  3. Click Results in the upper right corner, this shows you all the submissions for that specific Survey
  4. Click on the specific Member survey that needs to be edited and click Resubmit

  5. Edit the survey questions that require change

  6. Click Submit to update the Farm Profile information in Hylo

Land stewards can edit their own submissions by logging into Survey Stack and clicking on the Menu Icon → My Submissions. Clicking on a submission allows you to resubmit the Survey.